Resembling the Black Leopard of Bombay, India, this Bombay takes its name from its wild cousin. A look all of its own and a friendly disposition, you will find the Bombay aware of what goes on around it.

While many recognized breeds have been around for years, or are the result of naturally occurring genetic mutations, the Bombay is a result of years of selective breeding in an effort to develop a "Parlour Panther."

Although stunning as sleek, black show cats with mesmerizing copper eyes, the Bombay is easily adaptable as a pet who will play fetch, guard your house, or even venture out with you on a leash.

Bombay's are slow to develop the magnificent characteristics that engender their unique image to evolve, making it difficult to fully assess show potential sometimes until they are about four months old or more, when the first signs of the sleek, shiny black coats and brilliant gold to copper coloured eyes begin. The Bombay will often only achieve full maturity after it is a year to eighteen months old.

They are known to shadow "their" people in a dog-like manner, sometimes to the irritation of their owners. The Bombay demands attention and likes to be the centre of all family activities as they enjoy the interaction between themselves and their owners.

They are intelligent, actively seek interaction with humans and love to play games. Many retrieve and do tricks. Some have been successfully leash trained. Like the Burmese, Bombay's are heat seekers and often like to sleep under the bed covers.

Bombays are for people who have always wanted a panther, dog or a monkey. They are extremely smart and agile, their tight coats make them desirable as totally indoor cats.  They are one of the most easy breeds to care for and have temperaments that sometimes resemble delinquent teenagers!



The Bombay first came on the scene in America in the late 1950's and is a cross between the American Burmese and the Black American Shorthair. Champion status in the United States was given to the Bombay cat in 1976.

The Australian Bombay breeding program began in 1995 with the granting of an experimental license with QFA. This license was granted to breed an Australian Bombay, using Burmese and Black British Shorthair.

In New Zealand this programme was commenced in 2000 with the original cats being a Black Exotic and a Seal Burmese. 

In March 2003 this Bombay Breeding programme was extremely enhanced with the offer and importation of three fully registered Australian Bombay's - Blackatz Whispurrs, Blackatz Black Label, and Blackatz The Sorcerer, from Heather Brown in Brisbane.  Heather and Gary Brown were the first in Australia to develop this Breed and it is they and some of their cats who feature in the Burke's Backyard article.  In 2007 the remaining Blackatz Australian Bombay's came to live at ALLBLAKZ as the Browns moved to the City.

These cats now have full recognition by the NZCF Inc., and are registered as Australian Bombay's, to avoid confusion with the Bombay from American lines. Many of the cats and kittens have done well on the Show benches both in New Zealand and in Queensland. 

In 2006 ALLBLAKZ Azkaban was Best Bombay in two of the Queensland Cat Fanciers’ Shows and earned a Breeder’s Award of Merit for Helen, and his daughter Blackatz Opal Nera earned a Breeder’s Award of Merit, for Gary and Heather, after arriving in New Zealand in 2007.  At the same time some of the ALLBLAKZ kittens were awarded Breeder’s Awards of Merit in 2007.

The Australian Bombay has no known genetic deformities and has hybrid vigour.

ALLBLAKZ Australian Bombay's are now the pride and joy of many folk both throughout New Zealand and Australia.